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Anti-Aging Medicine – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are the essence of youth and as a men and women age their hormones decline. These are the times during which diseases, illnesses and other symptoms of aging frequently develop.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment for menopausal, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women or to lessen the impact of male menopause (andropause) to achieve more desirable lifestyle results.

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The most common way to treat hormone imbalances involves “one size fits all” concept with the use of synthetic drug hormones, one that comes with heightened risks. The synthetic drug hormones were created to be convenient for doctors to prescribe (basically one or two dosage strengths) and taken as pills. While there are certainly many individuals who have benefited from synthetic drug hormones in a variety of ways such as in increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat, they have also been shown in certain studies to relatively increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and blood clots. What we have found is that every person has different hormone needs, and the oral route is definitely not the safest or most effective for all hormones. This is why our highly educated Livonia / Shelby Township medical spa professionals offer individualized hormone replacement treatments.

An Alternative: (Bio-Identical) Hormones

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy - ProgesteroneThe terms “Natural” and “Bio-identical” refers to hormones that are exact copies of youthful human hormones. They can be made from any source and can be nearly indistinguishable from human hormones, and function in the exact same way.

Natural hormones are compounded by pharmacists, and are customized for a patient’s individual needs. This is determined by testing hormone levels, and only with a doctor’s prescription.

Dr. Charles Mok is an expert in offering the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women suffering from hormone and testosterone loss. Restoring the body’s essential hormones to youthful levels offers protection from the effects of aging, often reversing many of the negative attributes that developed from hormone deficiency.

Fatigue, exhaustion, sore muscles, stress, irritability, sleep disturbance, forgetfulness, and loss of mental clarity are too often blamed on our busy lives. Yet, when hormone levels in the blood are tested, it is noted that these symptoms are correlated to hormone deficiency, and will improve with hormone replacement.

Simply put, Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement can be a safer, healthier, more effective way for many men and women to replace their lost hormones than using the traditional synthetic chemical treatment.

Other Benefits to Natural Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement

Weight Maintenance: People find that when trying to loose weight, they get “stuck” and are unable to achieve their goals. Similarly, response to exercise, diet and self-control are not met with weight loss expectations. Restoring hormones to youthful levels can help achieve these goals.

Longevity: There is a clear association between hormone balance and preventing disease. While we do not plan to live forever, we want the second half of our lives to be as healthy and productive as the first half. Youthful hormone levels maintain health, and promote longevity.

Sensuality: The essence of a woman or a man is their response to hormones. Men and women lose their libido, something we associate with our youthfulness. Women develop dryness, discomfort, and feel less attractive. Men lose interest and firmness. With proper hormone balance, many of these changes can be reversed. When these levels fall or lose normal balance, consequences occur. Weight gain, hair changes, dry skin, mood changes as well as many other effects of “normal aging” develop.

Health: Chronic illness wipes out many of our essential hormones. Depressed hormones can accelerate many chronic illnesses. The risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, broken bones, and cancer can, in many cases, be reduced through maintaining youthful hormone levels.

Hormones are the essence of youth and as a men and women age their hormones decline. These are the times during which diseases, illnesses and other symptoms of aging frequently develop.

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Recently, my husband and I had appointments at Allure Medical Spa. As new patients, we were very impressed with the way the employees were so helpful. The biggest impression made were the smiling faces of all. Everyone was so pleasant and thoughtful. I said to my husband, “Isn’t a joy to see so many friendly, concerned people.” The receptionist went out of her way to take care of us promptly and professionally. Needless to say, our first impression of Allure Medical Spa was delightfully pleasant.
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